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Who must read Parental Perplexity?

Parents and parents-to-be. If your kids are young and you still control much of their inputs and environment, this content will prepare you for what’s to come. For parents of middle schoolers and beyond, this content will help lift the fog and give you practical ideas, research, and a community from which you can take solace. You’re not alone. You’re not doing everything wrong. You haven’t failed as a parent.

Why Perplexity now?

I’m a parent of two teens, and I feel lost, confused, and helpless. Apathy reigns supreme in school. TikTok’ers have a corner on the mental health counseling market. Kids gather and stare at phones in the same room. It seems even basic concepts of up and down or 2+2 are being shunned today in favor of feelings. I want productive and well-adjusted children who thrive and do better than me. Yet, I refuse to give up and give in or to “ride it out until they’re 18”.

Also, I’ve found that to supercharge one’s learning, commit to teaching it to others. Thus - Perplexity.

When one teaches, two learn. –Robert Heinlein

What type of content will Perplexity contain?

At first, I’ll create and share what I’m finding helpful in my quest to retain sanity. Perplexity will include:

  1. Academic research with a quick-hit distillation of critical points.

  2. Interviews and conversations with other parents, both in written and podcast format.

  3. Book reviews. (If reading a book written by academics solved problems - all the world’s problems would be solved by now)

  4. Guidance from clergy, therapists, and others in the mental health field.

  5. Tips and tactics to keep your family talking, engaged, and secure. When it hits the fan, you want your kids coming to you for help and advice no matter the situation.

And, of course, your input will drive additional refinement over time.

I will not shy away from the tough topics that seem to be top-of-mind for kids today. Create your mental list. I will ask tough questions and provide ample space to learn, grow, and discuss without assailing others. Telling kids “how things work in the world and they’ll see when they grow up” hasn’t worked well before - and it doesn’t work now.

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Parenting teens in post-modern America without losing your $hit


per·plex·i·ty /pərˈpleksədē/ | inability to deal with or understand something complicated or unaccountable - like teen children. Don't give up. Subscribe.